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Beyond the Horizon: Exploring Planets and Moons with Telescopes

Andrea Rubira · April 8, 2024

A young man gazes through a telescope into the starry night sky, exploring planets and moons beyond the horizon.

The universe is a vast playground of celestial wonders, and among the most captivating are the planets and moons that populate our solar system. With the aid of telescopes, amateur astronomers can embark on a journey beyond the horizon, exploring the diverse landscapes and intriguing features of these cosmic neighbors. One of the most beloved […]

Capturing the Cosmos: Tips for Astrophotography with Telescopes

Andrea Rubira · March 27, 2024

Under the banner of Zight, a young stargazer named Lily finds herself transported to another world within the comfort of her bedroom. With her trusty telescope in hand, she becomes a pioneer of the night sky, charting her course through the cosmos.

Astrophotography is a captivating pursuit that allows us to capture the beauty of the cosmos in stunning detail. Whether you’re photographing distant galaxies, intricate star clusters, or the delicate features of the moon, astrophotography offers a unique opportunity to blend art and science in capturing the wonders of the universe. While astrophotography can be challenging, […]